Goede banden met onze leveranciers

Partnerships die werken!





Galilee Export Ltd. established in 2011 by a group of third generation farmers from the Galilee area with a strong heritage of more than 50 years of agricultural experience.’

Galilee Export Ltd

Het gehele ‘Israël’ pakket met de nadruk op producten zoals avocado’s, mandarijnen en granaatappelen

‘Inverafrut has the freshest produce extracted from our most productive and unique fields in Mexico, ready to delight the most discerning palates of the world.’

Inverafrut Mexico

Mexicaanse limes gepakt in ons eigen merk Limeline

‘Salam International Fruits assure à ses partenaires une gamme diversifiée de fruits et légumes de qualité, d’une parfaite régularité permettant une présence continue sur les marchés de destination d’une fidélisation de marques.’

Salam International Fruit Group

Uit Marokko: mandarijnen en sinaasappelen

‘‘Taneks has been established by Emre Tanriover in 1997. His focus from the beginning has been crystal clear. On the one hand, to locate the best Turkish suppliers for Taneks’ worldwide customers. Subsequently, to do his absolute best to develop strong relationships with his growers.’


Het gehele Turkse citruspakket uit Turkije