Vision & mission

We aim to be a service dedicated supplier



Goal orientated

Future orientated

Vision and mission

FruitFactor aims to be a service dedicated supplier of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables; products of an outstanding quality, with guaranteed food safety and grown under circumstances with attention to people and the environment. We achieve this by acting with discretion, passion and commitment.

Customer focussed solutions

Our mission is to trade produce which fully meet the requirements of the time, and thereby to our vision. Products that we believe in, and which the consumer can put confidence in. We will realize this because of close cooperation with our worldwide suppliers, and supply the demand with excellent products and customer focussed solutions.


The literal meaning of the word innovation is the introduction of something new. In our branch of industry is introducing something new not simply unequivocal. We believe that innovation in our branch is more like renewing and improving. From time to time new fruit varieties are developed, and we will most certainly try to include these in our offer of products. The offer in all kinds of packaging is continuously growing and we are also able to arrange this for you.

Value Added Services

A modern importer/exporter like FruitFactor is obviously not only involved in the buying and selling of our products. Our activities don’t stop here, as we can offer a wide range of Value Added Services, such as warehousing and stock control, packing and repacking, labelling etc. Obviously, this will include using your own house brand/label. Read more about our services >.

Corporate social responsibility

Furthermore, we are focussing on Corporate Social Responsibility, by doing business with suppliers who believe this is a matter of course. Producers and exporters who are taking this topic as highly as we do, or will do in the short term. And finally, we are continuously critically analysing our own organization, and are looking for opportunities to improve and if possible to renew the business.


By carefully listening to our clients, we are continuously looking for possibilities and solutions, also new ones: products, packaging, distribution, processes etc. are business activities which need to link up with the clients’ requirements at all times. Introducing improved quality systems, which comply with the highest demands, with up-to-date reporting which is even accessible by our suppliers and clients on our systems.