Taneks citrus

Your Turkish citrus specialist with good, honest and reliable products.





Taneks citrus

We would like to further introduce Taneks in Turkey to you. Taneks, founded in 1997 by Emre Tanriover, is one of the biggest producers/exporters of fruit and vegetables in Turkey. Taneks doesn’t only consider the quality of the produce as very important, but also aspects such as food safety and traceability. The greatest care is put into a good and reliable product.

Social and ethical

Furthermore, Taneks understands the importance of acting in a social and ethical manner. Taneks is paying attention to an operation which is environmentally friendly. It also actively supports (starting) producers with, when required, finances as well as the transfer of knowledge and skills. Besides this Taneks is supporting local communities with the goal to improve the quality of life.

Turkish citrus

Turkish citrus is one of the main product lines of Taneks. Taneks can proudly call itself the biggest player in the field of Minneola’s in Turkey. One of their key features is an ultra-modern packing station in Mersin/Turkey. Their citrus season in Turkey kicks off in the third week of September with the harvest of lemons with the varieties Meyer, Enterdonato and Lama. These lemons are being packed in boxes of 6, 9 and 15 kg.


The exports of mandarins are also starting in September with the first Okitsu’s, followed in October by Satsuma’s and with Clementine’s in November. The harvest in December starts with Nova’s shortly followed by Minneola’s. Almost from day one strong volumes are available for exports, mainly packed in 15kg Open Top boxes. Good and reliable products from your Turkish citrus specialist.


The harvest of oranges starts early October with Navelina’s, shortly after that followed by Washington Navels. Navels are available until the end of March after which Valencia’s are being packed in April. We are proud to have such beautiful products.


Next to oranges, grapefruit will become available also from early October. The harvest will start with Star Ruby and subsequently Ruby Red, soon followed by White Marsh seedless and Rio Red. All grapefruits are being packed in 15kg Open Top boxes.