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Regarding our offer, we don’t walk away from any challenge to deliver you what you require. Over the years, we have been specialising particularly in avocado’s, citrus, ginger, pome granates and table grapes imported from Chili, China, Israel, Morocco, Peru and South Africa. Below you will find a graphic view of our products and availability.


For our company and people, it is essential that labour conditions for farm workers are organized in a correct manner. Environmentally sustainable and social ethical trade has become the new standard. Whereas all suppliers need to be GlobalGap accredited, the next step is going to be that all parties in our industry will combine contribute to a sustainable and ethical trade, and where necessary producers will become certified as well in this field.


As a result of working closely together with our producers and exporters for years on end, we have been building up personal relationships and we know our products on offer very well. By frequently visiting our suppliers, we follow production processes around, to ascertain ourselves of delivering top quality and naturally tasteful fruit.

Our products

We know where the products are grown, but moreover how they have been produced. Quality, food safety and traceability are essential aspects to be able to comply with the diversity of demands in this field, to deliver a reliable and safe product to the consumer. Do you want to know more? Contact us!

Our products