Avocados, pomegranates, mandarins and grapefruits from Israel



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Galilee Export

Galilee Export in Israel belongs to the Milouot Cooperation, which was established in 2011 by a group of third-generation producers from the Galilee region, in the northern part of Israel. At present, Galilee is the second biggest exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables in Israel. We are very proud to have Galilee as our partner!


A worldwide leading exporter which is symbol for quality, reliability and freshness, based on a more than 50 years heritage of producing agricultural excellence. Fruit and vegetables which are complying with all international quality requirements with direct distribution to clients all over the world.


For many years we at FruitFactor are working closely together with Galilee. For us, the main streams of import are avocado’s, pomegranates and regarding citrus the Orri mandarins and grapefruits. Galilee is the biggest exporter of Israeli avocado’s. Their main product is the Hass avocado, but also  ‘greenskin’ varieties are available, packed in 4 kg boxes. The export season runs from November till May.


Israeli pomegranates from Galilee are also a main import product. Next to the Wonderful variety, during the months of October until March we can also offer you Akko, Emek, Herskovitz and Shani in boxes of 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 kg. All early varieties are being packed under the collective name of  “Early Red”. Contact us for more information about the products.


Orri mandarins from Israel are available in the period from early January until half of April. We will be offering the counts 48 up to and including 100 in Open Top boxes of 10 kg. The best quality Orri mandarins are being packed in the R10 brand, which is exclusively sold in Europe by FruitFactor. The distinctive green R10 boxes are eagerly marketed by specialists on various European wholesale markets.


Finally, we will also be offering Sweeties grapefruit during the months of November until April. These Sweeties are being packed in Open Top boxes of 14 kg. The grapefruits from Galilee have outstanding quality and a great taste.