Cherry Season 2017

Taneks & Fruitfactor believe in supplying top quality Napoleon cherries. The fruit grows in the high mountains of the Anatolia region. The cherry season starts there at the beginning of June until the end of July. We also aim to ensure a longer shelf life with our delicate harvesting and packaging process so that our cherries will be delivered fresh to the final customer/consumer. Within three hours after the harvest we hydro-cool all cherries at zero degrees in organically treated water.

All TANEKS high quality Napoleon cherries will then be stored subsequently at zero degrees for twenty-four hours. After this cold treatment the sizing and selection of the cherries will be done by our own hydro packaging machine! All packaging is done with the necessity for strict quality maintenance in the cold chain. Finally, all cherries are packed in atmospheric controlled bags to increase the shelf life.

Packaging can be done in 5kg & 2kg cartons or in 500gr punnets.

The whole production process is closely monitored within the European Food Safety Standards and is Globalgap certified.