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Blueberry operation

Being able to be in control from the soil untill retailer shelves, that’s where Fruitfactor stands for. Together with our partnering growers we complete the whole chain.

With our own dedicated in house Blueberry operation we are striving to be the best and dynamic packer for all our clients. We specially dedicated 400m2 of floorspace which is fully optimised and equiped to pack any of the following formats under perfect circumstances.


125Grams punnets
200Grams punnets / cups
250Grams punnets / cups
300Grams punnets
400Grams punnets
500Grams punnets / buckets
1000Grams punnets


The fully equiped BBC Curo 12 is a our reliable and powerfull filler that guarantees the weight of you order at an impressive 1200kgs an hour. High-speed filling at precise weights in any format, top seal or hard top, punnets or cups, we will take care of your needs.

Behind the filler we have the full automatic Revolution XL topsealer which is reaching upto 180 punnets per minute.

Fruitfactor is working with 100% recycled plastic as we find it important to do our part on the environment where possible.


Our growers are presented on several continents so we are able to fullfill your needs for 12 months of the year.

Producers are growing the blueberries in various regions so the quality of the fruit is constantly up to date as we are moving zone to zone in each country producing.

Southern Hemisphere is from July till March grown by South American countries and South Africa. The Northern Hemisphere is from March till July, grown by Marocco and several European countries.